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Linear Motion and Assembly Technologies

2D & 3D CAD Library

CAD files, in the various formats listed below, are available for downloading for the listed product groups. Please choose from the appropriate drop-down boxes to view the downloadable CAD files.

• DXF files (2D) may be imported into any CAD or drawing program that supports this file format.
• DWG files (2D) were created in Autocad Release 14.
• IGS files (3D) may be imported into CAD programs accepting IGES format.
• STP files (3D) are in STEP AP 203 format and may be imported into ProENGINEER.

Linear Motion

   Profiled (Roller) Rail Products

   Linear Bushings & Linear Sets

   Systems Products

   Ball Screw Assemblies


   Flexible Assembly Conveyors

   VarioFlow Conveyors
If you have a question or cannot find a CAD file here, please email us and we will try to provide it for you.
(Please include in your email the part number and a description of the product you need.)
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