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Start by logging in Aluminum Framing Resource Center. The login link can be found in the top menu bar.

If you don't have an account, you can register for one on this page.

The next step is to find the part -or parts- that you need.

You can do this in a variety of ways:

The 'Search for Framing' link located in the top navigation bar will take you to this page

Use the left-hand navigation if you don't know the exact part number(s) that you need

Use the 'Product Search' link located in the left-hand menu

Now you can add your selections to your cart.

To do so you will need to enter the amount, or quantity, of the part(s) that fullfills your order. After that simply choose the 'Add' button

You can review your Product List and continue browsing OR export the list in eShop-friendly file format. For more details go to Step Two...

When ready to export Product List in the eShop-friendly file format, click on Create eShop File button.

Click the button...

The previous action generated a downloadable file that has your part list in it. Now choose 'Download File' to open a download box - if prompted please select 'Save File' and 'OK'.

You file will be saved in default location on your PC. You are ready to import your products into the eShop. For more details go to Step Three...

Visit the eShop page:

In the top navigation bar, choose 'Batch order upload'

Navigate to the 'eShop.txt' file that you downloaded in Step Two. Choose the file and then select the 'Upload' button.

Now you can customize your order, such as adjusting the quantity and requesting a delivery date. When ready, choose the 'Update' and then 'Continue' buttons in the bottom-right part of your screen.

Complete the required fields. This will take you the confirmation panel. Once you confirm your choices, you're done!

It really is as easy as One-Two-Three!