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6mm, 8mm & 10mm T-Slot
  • Can be inserted anywhere along the profiles's T-slot, even after the structure has been built
  • Used to fasten heavy loads to T-slotted profiles; seven-thread engagement for strong, secure mounting
  • Large contact surface with inside of profile's T-slot provides secure fastening
  • Can be easily repositioned in T-slot
  • The sweivel-in spring T-block is similar to standard swivel-in T-blocks, but adds an integrated spring to hold the T-block in place while making vertical connections
  • T-block: zinc-plated steel (except where noted below)
  • Spring: spring steel

Part No.DescriptionSolid Model/CADPDF
38425366696mm, M4, swivel-in T-block
38425366736mm, 2 x M4, stainless steel swivel-in T-block
38425293198mm, M5, swivel-in T-block
38425293208mm, M6, swivel-in T-block
38425293218mm, M8, swivel-in T-block
38425303218mm, M8, stainless steel swivel-in T-block
38425292958mm, M5, swivel-in T-block with spring
38425292968mm, M6, swivel-in T-block with spring
38425292978mm M8, swivel-in T-block with spring
38425366758mm, 2 x M5, swivel-in T-block
384252932310mm, M6, swivel-in T-block
384252932410mm, M8, swivel-in T-block
384253031610mm, M8, swivel-in T-block, stainless steel
384252929810mm M5, swivel-in T-block with spring
384252929910mm M6, swivel-in T-block with spring
384252930010mm M8, swivel-in T-block with spring  
384253667610mm, 2 x M5, swivel-in T-block