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6mm, 8mm & 10mm T-Slot
  • Provide clean, finished appearance
  • Can be used to conceal wires
  • Prevent accumulation of dirt and debris in the T-slot
  • Available in several colors
  • Sold in 2000mm lengths
  • Rigid PVC

Part No.DescriptionSolid Model/CADPDF
38425183436mm panel support insert, 2000mm long
38425424356mm T-slot cover, L=10m, light gray
38425019628mm T-slot cover, black  
38425030738mm T-slot cover, opaque
38425183758mm T-slot cover, light gray  
38425183768mm T-slot cover, red
38425183778mm T-slot cover, yellow
38425389568mm T-slot cover, blue
38425389588mm T-slot cover, orange
384214690110mm T-slot cover, black  
384219118210mm T-slot cover, clear
384251836710mm T-slot cover, light gray  
384251836810mm T-slot cover, red
384251836910mm T-slot cover, yellow  
384253895510mm T-slot cover, blue
384253895710mm T-slot cover, orange