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10mm T-Slot
  • Heavy-duty profile applications where extra strength is needed, such as machine bases and frames, support columns, etc
  • Center channels allow use as a three-port air bar
  • Has ten 10mm T-slots

Non-Machined End Finish Options
Part No.DescriptionSolid Model/CADPDF
3842509187Profile 45x180H, Pkg. of 6 5600mm
3842509201Profile 45x180H, 5600mm

Machined End Finish Options
Part No.DescriptionEnd FinishSolid Model/CADPDF
3842990335Profile 45x180H, -/-
3842990336Profile 45x180H, M12/-
3842990337Profile 45x180H, -/D17
3842990338Profile 45x180H, D17VS/-
3842990339Profile 45x180H, M12/M12
3842990340Profile 45x180H, M12/D17
3842990341Profile 45x180H, M12/D17VS
3842990342Profile 45x180H, D17/D17
3842990343Profile 45x180H, D17/D17VS
3842990344Profile 45x180H, D17VS/D17VS