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GoTo, Focused Delivery Program

We’ve added production capacity to give you industry-best delivery times for a broad range of our most in-demand aluminum structural framing products. Your local distributor has inventory of GoTo products that can be shipped fast. Along with their extensive inventories of the world's leading aluminum framing system, each member of our national network of distributors offers full design, machining and assembly services.

GoTo Program

GoTo Products:
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End Caps and Covers
384214690110mm T-slot cover, black
384251836710mm T-slot cover, light gray
384251836910mm T-slot cover, yellow
384252325810mm aluminum T-slot cover
Worktable Accessories
8981021302S12x30 self-tapping connection screw, 8mm socket head
384250267445x45 end cap, black
3842523014Cable conduit 45x45, 2000mm long
3842526565Cable carrier for 8mm T-slots
3842526564Cable carrier for 10mm T-slots
38425149318mm, M8, T-block
LF6 Linear Guides
384253028510mm M6 T-nut
38425149318mm, M8, T-block
LF12 Linear Guides
384253028710mm M8 T-nut
384253028510mm M6 T-nut
384253028510mm M6 T-nut
LF20 Linear Guides
384253028710mm M8 T-nut
384251178345X90 & 45X90H end cap, black
384253028510mm M6 T-nut
384253028510mm M6 T-nut

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