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GoTo, Focused Delivery Program

We’ve added production capacity to give you industry-best delivery times for a broad range of our most in-demand aluminum structural framing products. Your local distributor has inventory of GoTo products that can be shipped fast. Along with their extensive inventories of the world's leading aluminum framing system, each member of our national network of distributors offers full design, machining and assembly services.

GoTo Program

GoTo Products:
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898102134510mm T-bolt fastening kit, L=34mm
3842345081M8 flange nut only
38425231406mm, M4, T-block
38425231456mm spring
38425149298mm, M5, T-block
38425149308mm, M6, T-block
38425149318mm, M8, T-block
38425166858mm Spring
384252873510mm, M8, T-block
384251666910mm spring
384252930010mm M8, swivel-in T-block with spring
384252873810mm, M6, T-block
3842525480Medium strap handle
Panel Mounting Components
384252976140-series panel support base A, 2000mm long
38421847388mm & 10mm Variofix detent clip
38425183478mm panel support insert, 2000mm long
384251835110mm panel support insert, 2000mm long
384252923910mm Variofix fastener without clip
38425356968mm Variofix fastener without clip

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