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Linear Motion Technology


Charlotte,   North Carolina,   USA


The Bosch Rexroth Center for Advanced Linear Motion Excellence is established to provide technical information and advice on any aspect of linear motion technology that is relevant to our customers. We have access, not only to our local internal resources, but to the resources of the entire Bosch Rexroth company. Most importantly, we are in direct electronic contact with the main linear motion research center in Schweinfurt, Germany.

Seminars in Linear Motion Technology

We are pleased to announce our seminars on linear motion technology. These seminars are usually presented on site to qualified OEMs or at our focused distributors. The aim of all seminars is to provide the basic technology pertinent to each branch of linear motion technology. The seminars provide sufficient information for a participant to understand the differences in product configuration, and therefore to make a more educated selection of the most appropriate product for his/her application. Participants are encouraged to discuss application opportunities, either with the group, or individually with our instructors.

If you are an OEM and have a group of 5 or more engineers that are interested in learning more about linear motion, you may qualify for a free in-house seminar. Please review the list of topics and view the sample slide show. Then send a message to CALME, giving details of the field of interest and most appropriate dates.



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