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Rexroth Aluminum Framing System Designed to give you an ordering system that's as flexible and easy-to-use as our Aluminum Framing System

Search for Aluminum FramingAre You Looking for an Aluminum Framing Part Number?

Ordering aluminum framing should be as easy as using it. That’s why we’ve put all the aluminum framing tools you need right here in our aluminum framing shop. Browse our t-slotted aluminum products by type, size, or part number. View catalog pages for aluminum framing, lean workstations, accessories and more. Get native 3D solids or CAD files for virtually any commercially available electronic design system. And when you place your order, it will go straight to your local aluminum framing distributor for immediate processing. It’s the best possible combination of convenient online ordering and expert local support. World-class aluminum framing from Rexroth: Everything to Build AnythingTM.

New Brochures!
•  Architectural Brochure
•  Aluminum Structural Framing for Aerospace

Latest Aluminum Framing News:  Rexroth Aluminum Framing Featured in Kieran Timberlake's Cellophane House.
•  Get the Details
•  Watch it on YouTube

What has Changed on Our Site?
•  Many of our aluminum framing products experience periodic price changes. So, if you have any questions about these price changes, please contact us.
•  The 24 Hour Delivery Program has changed to the GoTo Program. It's a new name but you can still expect the same great products shipped to you, fast.  Further Details >
•  MPS products are now available here! Just click on "MPS Products" on the left, find the products you need, and order them online.

Looking for an Obsolete Part Number?  View List  |  Search for Part Number

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